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Effective Pain Management begins with an accurate diagnosis of the pain generator. Often times, our patients have multiple or many pain generators. Some may be major and others minor, but all are generating pain. We know that spinal related pain is caused by an injured area of tissue close to a nerve, whereas tissue and muscle pain may be coming from the damaged muscle itself or referred from other areas. The same can be said for that shooting, burning, numb or tingling nerve pain. We often tell our doctors "If you can't figure out where the pain is coming from or what is the cause, YOU CAN'T FIX IT. 

Incoming patients first receive a thorough history followed by what most patients tell us is the most complete examination that they have ever had.  The next step is a review of imaging and decisions as to additional imaging necessity. We then often follow with blood work to determine deficiencies and inflammation rates. Clinical correlation is next, where we map out your symptoms and our findings to see if they agree. If not, we start over, turning over more rocks until we find it. 

Along the way, we assess activities of daily living, balance, flexibility, range of motion, strength, and endurance. We want to give you results that change your life, and in order to accomplish that, we need the whole picture.  

Once we have your picture in focus, we will put together a plan of care customized just for YOU. We will then present that to YOU at YOUR Report of Findings visit. This is a time to sit and discuss your problems, our solutions, and together set a plan to help you. 

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